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Jaime Coffey is a Los Angeles based artist.  Originally from Oregon, she attended the Pacific Northwest College of Art, earning her BFA in painting.


Prior to moving to California, Coffey developed a passion for travel and in her artwork, explored light studies, as landscapes in foreign places.  She spent months traveling throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, South America and Madagascar, painting on sight and gathering subject matter for her future work.


Coffey’s past solo shows at TAG Gallery focused on images spanning Oregon to California, in both “California Series” and “Red Earth.”  Working in egg tempera, a mixture of egg yolk, dry pigment and water, she continued her work in light studies, and introduced a subtle narrative between the landscape and wildlife.  “Red Earth” brought a specific turning point for Coffey as she was able to voice through her artwork an environmental commentary on fire seasons and the effects of global warming.


Coffey’s newest paintings can be found in her series titled “Intentions,” in which she reflects back on her 2005 adventures in the Salar de Uyuni region of Bolivia.  Work spans from her original trip, alongside new pieces that represent her recent discoveries of lithium mining.  This work is an investigation of human impressions and choices that she depicts as visual paths through the landscape.



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